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贝博app体育app体育下载 Learning provides educational resources to help customers get the most from our products and services. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional, a builder using our products, a dealer software expert or a construction industry newcomer working with building materials and services for the first time, we offer resources to help you develop your professional skills.

Choose the course topics and styles most convenient for you — from online self-study, webinars or instructor-led classes at central locations.

贝博app体育app体育下载 Product Knowledge

Get the most value and profitability from construction materials by understanding their design strengths, best applications, distinguishing features and performance traits. These courses provide all the insight you need to successfully sell, handle or work with engineered wood products and structural framing materials. Ideal for new hires of dealers and builders, as well as industry veterans keeping up with new materials and trends.

Design and Technical Courses

From the integration of new, high-performance materials to the latest industry trends for sustainability, building design and engineering are ever-evolving. Keep up with continuing education — made easy.

Sales Skills and New-Hires

Grow your business and serve your customers better with tips and guidance from experienced professionals. New sales team members and top performers alike can hone their skills and gain the latest insights for spending their time more productively to create more profitable sales, stronger relationships and greater customer loyalty.

Software Training

Webinars, classes, online tutorials and support for the 贝博app体育app体育下载 suite of software. Browse our software training schedule to see what options are available for your learning needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“In the past, I had to take days out of my schedule to attend lengthy classroom sessions. With 贝博app体育app体育下载 Learning, I can research various topics when and where I want. This allows more quality time with my clients and eliminates associated travel expenses.”  –  Contractor Sales Representative

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