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With the use of Forte, Estima, Javelin and Stellar Software, you can quickly implement high-quality structural framing solutions and optimize material use – while reducing construction cycle time, cost and waste. 贝博app体育app体育下载 software is there for you at every step of the building process.


Whether you’re sizing joists, beams, posts or studs, Forte software performs load calculations and identifies solutions for the conditions and geometry you provide. Size for a specific spacing, member depth or just the best economical fit. Available online for free. 


Allows dealers to optimize combinations of residential engineered wood products and dimensional lumber in layouts for floor, wall and roof systems – all in a single file. Javelin software is available for a fee, by request.


Stellar software helps dealers manage their material handling and fabrication operations. It’s seamlessly integrated with other 贝博app体育app体育下载 software to make your business run more efficiently. Available for a fee, by request.


Our unique methodology captures dealer and customer preferences for consistent, clear estimates for the entire structural frame that save you time and money.

Document Library Mobile App

Provides access to our full library of product literature – while on the go. Download any literature you need to properly install wood products manufactured and sold by 贝博app体育app体育下载.

Revit Downloads

贝博app体育app体育下载 is fully integrated with the BIMsmith suite of free tools for architects and designers. Our BIM Library makes it easier than ever before to build with 贝博app体育app体育下载 wood products in your Revit projects.

AutoCAD and Sketchup Downloads

We make it easier to specify Trus Joist products in the software of your choice. We provide 3D Elements to help you model the structural frame and CAD details to help you provide quality layouts.

Questions about software?

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贝博app体育app体育下载 Software Supports the Entire Building Process

In the hands of experienced pros at your dealer, 贝博app体育app体育下载 software  can help you get the best structural performance from your framing budget. Our  software is designed to take advantage of the predictable strength and consistency of our engineered and performance tested lumber. With 贝博app体育app体育下载 software, it’s possible to save money on materials and labor while increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

Watch how 贝博app体育app体育下载 software can help increase your customers' satisfaction while helping save money on labor and materials.

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