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Edge™ Floor Panels

To beat the competition, you need an Edge

For a product you can count on to do the job without breaking the bank, look for those green edges. For more than two decades, 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge™ oriented strand board (OSB) has been the floor panel that experienced builders know they can trust. In climates where excessive moisture is not an issue, 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge floor panels help keep costs down and are the panel of choice in residential construction — from starter homes to dream homes.

Every 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge™ panel is strong, stiff and stable. It’s manufactured flat, installs flat, stays flat and has been engineered to precise specifications to resist problems like cupping, warping and sagging. With self-gapping tongue-and-groove edges, 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge panels make installation fast and easy.

Product Literature

  • osb-4000 - Specifier's Guide for 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge and Edge Gold Floor Panels
  • 1504 - Questions and Answers About Mold
  • env-1000 - When Is The Best Time To Make A House Green?
  • env-timberstrand-osb - Product Environmental Profile - Timberstrand & OSB
  • gc-001 - Green Approved Product: Edge, Edge Gold, RBS, Sheathing
  • 9009 - Prevention and Repair of Floor System Squeaks
  • osb-4005s - Pisos de tablillas de madera dura y paneles estructurales de OSB Edge y Edge Gold
  • osb-4006 - Ceramic Tile Floors and Edge and Edge Gold OSB Structural Panels
  • osb-4004 - Floor, Roof, and Wall Panel Installation
  • osb-4005 - Hardwood Strip Flooring and Edge and Edge Gold OSB Structural Panels
  • osb-4004s - Instalación de Panel para Piso, Techo y Pared
  • tb-131 - 贝博app体育app体育下载 Subfloor Adhesive Recommendations and ASTM D3498-19
  • osb-4012 - 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge For Manufactured Homes
  • osb-4011 - Edge 7/8" Floor Panels
  • osb-4001 - 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge Floor Panels
  • tb-310 - Use of Topical Coatings with 贝博app体育app体育下载 Engineered Wood Products
  • tb-157 - Specifier’s Guide for Edge and Edge Gold Floor Panels
  • tb-112 - Moisture Effects on 贝博app体育app体育下载 Engineered Wood Products
  • 1502 - Using 贝博app体育app体育下载 Products in Conventional Construction
  • tb-157f - Guide de rédacteur de devis pour panneaux de plancher Edge et Edge Gold
  • TB-314 - Fire Retardant Coatings of 贝博app体育app体育下载 Engineered Wood Products
  • 1507 - Product Transportation, Handling and Storage
  • osb-1000 - 贝博app体育app体育下载 Edge Structural Panels Warranty

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